Introduction: 8-Pointed Origami Transforming Shuriken

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Having this 8-pointed transforming shuriken is fun because it transforms and can be thrown. This can be a fun activity for kids but make sure that they don't throw it to other kids or animals because the ends are pointy.

Step 1: Materials

2 pieces of paper or 8 pieces of origami paper (I recommend using 2 colors for looks)

Scissors (Optional and just for cutting the paper into squares)

Step 2: Cutting the Paper Into Squares

If you are using square origami papers, skip to the next step. I cut mine into a square then cut it again into 4 smaller squares.

Step 3: Folding Time!

(If you don't understand my instructions, please refer to the pictures)

Fold the paper in half diagonally and unfold. Repeat on the other side.

Step 4: Folding Time!

Flip the paper over then fold the top half down and unfold. Flip the paper back. Fold the upper left corner to the center. Repeat on the bottom left corner. Now fold the top half down while inverting the right crease down. This is one finished module repeat on the other 7 pieces.

Step 5: Assembly

Just put the blade between the two flaps like show on the picture then fold the excess flaps behind the blade. Repeat until all 8 pieces are locked.

Step 6: Transformation

Just simply slide the pieces as shown in the pictures provided. If you liked my Instructable please vote for it in the Crafting 101 contest!

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