8 Things You Can Do to Better Protect Your Outdoor LED Lights

Introduction: 8 Things You Can Do to Better Protect Your Outdoor LED Lights

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Outdoor LED lights are extremely useful additions to your lawn or

garden, but they need a little help if you want to make them last more than a few months. Here are a few nifty tips to help you do just that:

Step 1: 1. Select Outdoor-Rated Bulbs, Fixtures and Cords.

Not all outdoor lights, casings and power cords are rated strong enough to withstand the elements. Look for weatherproof and weather-resistant labels. Check the ingress protection (IP) rating as well, as this gives you a solid basis for how resistant a device will be against liquid and solid penetration.

Step 2: 2. Fix Lights in Areas Where They Have Cover.

Try and mount your outdoor LED lights where they will receive minimal exposure to rain and sunshine. Weatherproofed outdoor lamps will survive much longer if they are under cover, like a porch or gazebo. Light shields will be very useful for standalone lights that have no access to cover.

Step 3: 3. Take Note of the Maximum Lamp Wattage.

Not all outdoor light bulbs are a fit for the outdoor. lighting fixtures you have in place. Exceeding the maximum lamp wattage increases the risks of components breaking down or burning up. While outdoor LED lights consume little energy and generate little heat, you still need to take note of the maximum wattage before replacing the LED bulbs.

Step 4: 4. Place Lights Away From Flammable Materials.

Speaking of heat, play it safe and place make sure all exterior lighting fixtures are placed well away from stuff that can burn up. The LED landscape lights themselves may not generate much heat, but the power stored in corroded batteries or running through damaged wires could generate enough heat to start a fire.

Step 5: 5. Consider Solar-Powered LED Lights.

These panels reduce the need for exposing wires to the elements, which greatly reduces the risk of short-circuits. Some outdoor LED lights incorporate these panels in a completely sealed environment – further reducing the risk of moisture getting into the wires. You also save more money on power expenses, which is always a good thing.

Step 6: 6. Place Lights High Up to Protect Them From Criminals.

If theft and vandalism are issues threatening your outdoor LED lights, then you need to attach your outdoor LED light fixtures on tall posts that are beyond the reach of your average hooligan. Just make sure the posts themselves are strong enough to withstand blades and saws though. A simple wooden pole can be easily knocked down or sawed off.

Step 7: 7. Invest in Vandal-Resistant Panels and Backings.

If vandals are pelting your outdoor lights with stones, vandal-resistant panels and backings will provide enough protection to prevent the sensitive internal components from most forms of damage. They can also help prevent tampering, though they won't be able to stop a dedicated crook with a sledgehammer.

Step 8: 8. Aim a Security Camera at Your Lights.

This isn't as drastic a measure as it sounds, considering that security systems are getting cheaper and more capable with each passing year. Install a system in your home, office or business, and then aim a camera at your lights. You'll deter opportunistic vandals and thieves from casually inflicting harm upon your outdoor LED lights, and you'll have useful evidence against determined vandals or crooks who want to break your outdoor lights.

Step 9:

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