85 Year Old Staircase-redo.

Introduction: 85 Year Old Staircase-redo.

Our home was bought in 2008. The home was built in 1928. These are the origional stairs. They were carpeted with an ugly beige color
carpet that we were unsure of pulling up. This shot shows the starting of whats become quite the project.

Picture 2 is what we found under the carpet. Iam sorry to say I do not know the type of wood. I really wish I did.

Picture 3 is a close up of what the wood looks like and the 85 years of beatings they have taken.

This is the decision to also include the trim . It just makes sense. I think I will use the stripper to remove the paint and stain from this point. The dust is unreal.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Moving along ! I have finished the difficult, very dusty and longsuffeing sanding of the stairs and have started the staining. We have chosen Minwax Cherry stain. I am using those small miricale cleaning sponges with dawn dishsoap and hot water to wipe down all areas. From there, I dry with a towel and apply Minwax Wood Conditioner using a brush. I wait for a good 20 minutes, wipe off any excess-which isn't much since these stairs are very dry and really soak up the stuff. It's like they appreciate the conditioner. After, I begin brushing the stain on. Again, this wood is absorbing the stain like a sponge. Since we are doing the risers, I can do the next riser in line anddo as many of those as I want-not having to skip every other step. I keep the window at the bottom and the top of the stairs cracked and asmall fan blowing out so the vapors can have an escape. With this, the smell is very manageable. I keep a barrier to keep our animals-( a connected a the hip boy shih-tzu named Po, and 2 overly curious cats) away from the stairs as I work. I've been working in the morning until after noon. Our youngest son, who is 10, is a school an my wife at work. It's a nice time as I will either stay quiet and listen to and speak with God or play some music. It's a kind of therapy really.

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