99-cent Rib Dinner and Doggie Treats

Introduction: 99-cent Rib Dinner and Doggie Treats

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A few years back at a neighbor's house I watched as he opened a package of 'treats' to reward his massive mutt for sitting upon command. I took a look at the package, asked him what it cost and calculated that it would cost less to buy the dog steak filets!

A while later, I happened upon Heavy Western Ribs at eighty cents a pound and bought a package thinking I would treat our dogs.

While they might not have insisted it be roasted, baked broiled or boiled, I thought to cook the ribs low and slow (hours and hours at 300 degrees in a shallow pan in the oven) in the winter time (Dog Treat and Heat!). Added a little barbecue sauce and discovered there was enough tasty bits of meat left on those Heavy Western Bones to make a meal for two as well as days of bones for our best friends.

Last week I tried the slow cooker thing and decided to share the process and results.

The Walmart coleslaw cost $2 and the main course $3. Three days later there are a couple of 'dog' bones left!

As Momma used to say "Watch the pennies and the dollars will take care of themselves.



A package of Heavy Western Ribs

Favorite spice assortment

Favorite barbecue sauce

Slow Cooker Liner

Slow cooker

Step 1: Spice 'em Up

I lay the ribs out and, from some height, sprinkle spices and monosodium glutamate first on the one side and then on the other. Let the meat sit out for a while to absorb the spices.

Step 2: Prepare the Slow Cooker

The Slow Cooker Liners are great! They make cleanup a simple task - you'll see.

Put a liner in the pot.

For this recipe, I scrounged up three partially full/empty bottles of barbecue sauce from the fridge and tried heating them in the microwave to help them flow - bad idea as the bottles were plastic and began to melt!

Put the Ribs in the pot.

So, I rescued them and slathered (Is, I believe the appropriate term) the ribs with whatever I could salvage from the bottles. You, of course, may use fresh sauce or even build your own - this doesn't have to be a barbecue it was simply easier this time out.

Set the temperature on HIGH

Set the time for ten (10) hours

Cover the pot and take a break.

Step 3: Uncover and Serve

Frankly, it never reached the ten hour mark before my wife decided the aroma and the hour decreed we eat whatever dinner I'd created in the cooker.

The ribs were perfecto - falling off the bone - no need for knives or teeth.

A slice or two of fresh French Bread (Publix Bakery - love it) and some leftover Cole Slaw and . . . Dinner's served!

Step 4: Dinner's Served Again . . .

As I said, the meat was falling off the bones.

This made the puppies very happy

Step 5: Cleanup's in the Bag!

As I said, these Slow Cooker Bags are the cat's meow and make the cleanup process very simple - especially if one doesn't have a big, deep kitchen sink!

The lid goes in the dishwasher and the liner bag is closed up and removed along with the remaining liquid/sauce in one fell swoop.

Then the pot can be wiped clean with a paper towel.

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