Introduction: 9A Arduino LED Mikrokosmos Artwork

9A Sophia Kuo 郭祈君

Arduino LED Mikrokosmos artwork

Hi! My work is Arduino LED Mikrokosmos artwork! This is a special and beautiful LED artwork that can use to an exhibition or decorate your house and room. But first, that sees what we need to prepare for Mikrokosmos artwork: Why my work is special?

Why my work is special?

  • This is a big size LED artwork
  • This artwork is useful and creative!

Step 1: What We Need to Prepare:

Circuit diagram part:

  • One Solderless breadboard (Put all components on it)
  • 3m Micro USB Adapter cable (Let Arduino connect with your computer)
  • Ten iron wire (To connected together with LED, must be red and yellow)
  • Eighteen wire (To connect LED to D pin, any color is ok but must be the long one)
  • Six LED (Two blue, white and yellow each)
  • Six Resistance
  • Computer (any type of computer is okay)

Step 2: Prepare for Making Outward Appearance Part :

  • Big Cardboard 60X40 cm
  • White poster 60X45 cm
  • Middle Cardboard 30X17.5 cm
  • Little Cardboard 17X10.5 cm
  • Watercolor (must have blue, dark blue, yellow, white, purple, black, red, orange, pink, brown)
  • Three to four Watercolor pens
  • One Glue (could be any type)
  • One Scissors (could be any type)
  • One Utility knife (could be any type)
  • A pencil (could be any type)

Step 3: How Do We Make the Circuit Diagram Part?

  • Step1: Take red and yellow iron wire put them together. (Make them into one long iron wire, you need to have twelve long iron wire. Don’t use tape because it will not conductive)

  • Step2: Use two long iron wire tie up one LED (It means each LED must tie up with two long iron wore.You must make six this in this step)

  • Step3: Put the LED tie-up with iron wire insert into Arduino board. (Anywhere except for positive and negative part.)

  • Step4: Put one short wire between the wire that connects with the short part of the LED. (Also put another long wire between the wire that connects with the long part of the LED.)

  • Step5: Take one Resistance insert in front of that wire between the short LED part. (Like the picture below.)

  • Step6: Take another wire insert in front of that wire between the long LED part than connect to the D7 (means D pin 7)

  • Step7: Repeat five time the step above (You need to have six LED on the Arduino board. Each LED should connect the D7, D8, D9, D10, D11, D12)

  • Step8: Use the wire to connect the positive and negative part. (Positive wire must be connected to 5V and negative wire must be connected to GND)

Step 4: How Do We Make an Outward Appearance Part :


  • Step1: Use some water and paint on the poster first (painting slowly)
  • Step2: Start to use blue to pain, let blue mix with water (until all the poster full with blue color)
  • Step3: Start adding some more blue and dark blue on the poster. ( Remember to put dark blue on edge of the poster and add some water to make it more layering.)
  • Step4: When the poster full of blue you can paint some purple and black on the edge of the poster when those water and color dry you can paint those color again and make the deeper so it will look real.)
  • Step5: Use the brush or watercolor pens to splash the white and yellow color on the poster to paint the stars. ( Remember you need to wait for your background dry out so you can pain the stars! Important!)
  • Step6: Let your poster dry for three to four hour.
  • Step7: When your paint is fully dry, use glue to glue your paint on the big Cardboard. (The reason we don’t use the tape is that it might break the paint and it won’t stick your paint so well. Your paint might drop.
  • The last two picture is before you add the star after you add the star.

Step 5: Outward Appearance Part 2 :


  • Step1: Use a pencil to draw a circle( Don’t need to be perfect because we want it natural.)
  • Step2: Start to use orange color the circle, then wait for it to dry. (Remember we don’t need to use too many waters on the planet, it is ok to draw the color out of the circle because later you will cut the shape.)
  • Step3: When it dry, use the scissors to cut the circle shape.
  • Step4: Than adds some dark brown at the right side of the circle to make the dark side or shadow. (Make the planet more real.)
  • Step5: Add some pink on the left of the circle, don’t need too much.
  • Step6: Use the pencil to draw the ring for the planet.
  • Step7: Use some blue and orange mix together then paint on the ring.
  • Step8: After it, dry use the scissors to cut the ring and use the glue to stick the ring on the circle to make the planet.


  • Step1: Use a pencil to draw the shape of a moon.
  • Step2: Use some purple and pink to paint on it.
  • Step3: When the color dry, use the scissors to cut the moon shape

Little Star:

  • Step1: Use a pencil to draw the shape of a star.
  • Step2: Use some yellow to paint on it.
  • Step3: When the color dry, use the scissors to cut the start shape.

Step 6: Outward Appearance Part 3 :

The wall (Able to protect the Solderless breadboard) :

  • Step1: Use the glue gun to stick the little cardboard on two sides of the middle cardboard (Remember the little cardboard is like a cylinder of the box.)
  • Step2: One of the little cardboard need to use the utility knife to cut to two small square holes (Each square hole is about 2X3 cm)
  • Step3: When it all done, use the black watercolor to paint all the surface of the cardboard outside. Step4: Let your work dry for another three to four hour.

Little paper flower(Use to put it on the poster to make the light darker.):

  • Step1: Take one kraft paper and use scissors to cut six circles. (Any circle is ok, the circle can be small or big.)
  • Step2: Use hand to fold circle, make those circle have a wrinkle.
  • Step3: Use glue to stick six wrinkle paper circle on each LED.

Step 7: Arduino Code and Extra Photo!

Arduino code:

Inside has the detail about how I made my code!

Step 8: Video Link: