9v Portable Mobile Charger

Introduction: 9v Portable Mobile Charger

hey guyzz...

i have made a portable charer for my mobile phone and thought should post it on instructables

theory`s apart,

lets get started


this portable charger needs very less equipments

1.lm7805 ic (main component)

you can get it at any good electronic shop or on sites such as ebay


any 5v to 9v battery,i used a nine volt

3.female usb port

you can buy it or can pluck out from a old died usb charger as i did

4.soldering machine and solder

use this if you want to make it permanent but it wil work whitout it

5.hot glue gun

i used it to stick the ic,battery clip and usb port together

6.battery clip

i had one lying around

7.bottle cap

i used it as a cover

Step 2: About Lm7805

it is an ic which converts 5-9v to 5v

the 1 line is for the +9v input, 2nd is for ground and third is for the output 5v (as given in the picture

Step 3: Connect the Devices

remove the centre two pins of the usb port

from the left two first one is the + and second one is ground(-)

Step 4: Connecting the Components

  1. connect the +ve of the battery to 1st pin of the ic
  2. connect the -ve of the battery to the ground of the ic
  3. connect the third pin of ic to the +ve data line of the usb port
  4. connect the ground (2nd) pin of the ic to the -ve of the usb port

Step 5: Finishing

set the device into the cap or in any covering which you want

it is very small then the normal charger and portable

if you have made the portable charger


Step 6: Testing the Charger

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    Gomi no Sensei
    Gomi no Sensei

    7 years ago

    Most smart phone batteries are 1500-3300mah.

    A 9V battery has 50-400mah and at 500mw load has less than 300mah capacity.

    You're also losing 30% of that 300mah thru the 7805 as heat.

    Just exactly HOW much does this remaining 210mah charge your phone ???

    Ref : http://www.powerstream.com/9V-Alkaline-tests.htm


    7 years ago

    It's a tiny and wonderful idea.

    what is the output ampere of this charger?is it stable ? and how can we know this will not hurt phone?

    Akshat Mehta
    Akshat Mehta

    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    no u dont need a capacitor ,it will make it complicated to fit in a bottle cap but u can add one


    7 years ago on Introduction

    LM7805 work only with minimum 7 volt to input.......(max 20 volt input)....to give you a correct 5 volt output ....!!!

    Akshat Mehta
    Akshat Mehta

    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    if you have a high power battery it will work with 5v