A 3D Printed Kunai

Introduction: A 3D Printed Kunai

A Kunai is a knife meant for throwing.

Step 1: Kunai Ring

Make 2 Center Diameter Circles These will be the ring of the Kunai. The first one is 8 mm and the second one is 16 mm. You then extrude the ring by 5 mm each side. You then fillet the edge by 4 mm on both sides. Step Finished.

Step 2: Kunai Handle

Make a line that comes from the middle of a side and the line should be 75 mm long. You then want to use the pipe in the create tab and pipe the line with a distance of 9.50 mm. You would want to extend the side of the handle so it would be connected with the ring.

Step 3: Sketchs for the Blade

You would want to start with a sketch that is on the same side as the ring. Start the sketches at the end of the handle, You want to make a line with a 129.8 degree angle on both sides that are 30 mm long. Make a line that at the middle pointing to the front that will be 23 mm long. Connect the ends of the blade together. Continue the line in the middle by 76 mm. Connect the Previous ends to the line that just got extended. This will be the actual size of the kunai. Extend the line once more by 20 mm and connect the lines together. Make another sketch but it is on the YZ plane. Have lines that are at a 102 degree angle that go out by 24.5 mm. You then want to connect them and make a rectangle on the other plane so then you can make one edge for the back edge of the blade.

Step 4: Starting the Blade

Extrude the back part of the kunai blade up 10 mm on each side, then you want to make a triangle with the edge the edges be the top 2 corners and one corner near the middle of the rectangle. using that you would extrude that triangle to the sides to have and cut.

Step 5: Finishing the Blade

Then extrude the Front blade by 10 mm.

Step 6: Sharpening the Blade

I made chamfer the blades to sharpen then on all the edges of the blade.

Step 7: Finish Sharpening the Blade

You split the body by using the split body tool and making a offset plane and then chamfer and make the back as close together as you can.

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