Nowadays, rumors have been heard that the virus can also be transmitted with animals, and some cases have been seen. Scientists state that although the transmission is not clear, there may be a possibility of infection with animals.

A healthy dog should go out twice a day. I think I can protect my dog when I take him out with this mask.

While protecting ourselves from the viruses that we cannot see, we should also protect our friends from this danger. When animal owners use this product for their dogs, they will create a healthier environment.

This could help to avoid the virus spread either dogs or humans.

With this mask, our dogs will not bring viruses to our home. This is a simple way to protect ourselves.

The current designs are made of cloth, they provide several hours of protection.

However, in this design, the mask can be used many times by changing or washing it.

You can do it easily by yourself. These materials are found in the all animal owners house, but you can also order them online.


  • Dog muzzle
  • Mask cloth or fabric (optional)
  • Rubber or hair tie (optional)
  • Measure
  • Scissors

Step 1: Measure Your Dog's Mouth

If you have already a dog muzzle you can use it and pass this step.

If you don't have a dog muzzle you can also order it any online site.

Dog breeds are generally in 3 types but it changes in different product, so you have to measure your dog's mouth and then use the dog size charts to buy a dog muzzle.

My dog is Jack Russell Terrier and his mouth is 18 cm .

I'm using a muzzle that known as anti-barking dog muzzle.

Step 2: Prepare the Mask Cloth

Start by measuring and cutting the mask cloth to your prefered sized.

As I am using a face mask here, it is 18 cm to 15 cm.

Step 3: Fold and Place the Mask Cloth

Now, fold and place the mask cloth in the dog muzzle with the rubber.

Make sure there is no space left.

You can cut excess pieces with scissors.

As dog muzzle has clips you can easily put it on your dog and clip it.

Step 4: Wash and Use It Again

If you are using fabric for the mask. You can wash and reuse it.

(You can also use 15x18 cm size for the fabric.)

Since we are taking our dog out twice a day, the fabric will dry during that time.

Step 5: Start to Use It!

You can watch this short video about the construction of the project :))