Introduction: A Ball From Tape

When I was in elemntry school me and my friends used to make these balls made out of tape,
We started by making small individual ones and then we worked together to make a giant ball for all of us.

We bought rolls of tape every single day and we ended up having this huge ball! probably in a size of a head!
Unfortenetly someone from our school stole it, but it is something i'll always remember.

So in this instructable i'm going to teach you how to make a simple ball, that you can make as large as you want and in any color.


1) tape. as many as you want (you should start by at least two), from any type and color that you want.
as more tape you'll use - the bigger the ball will be. (Here i used just 4)
I used just simple cheap transperent ones,
here's something similar on Amazon:

2) 1 piece of paper.

3) PATIENCE! this is going to take a while.

Step 1: The Ball's Basis

Take the piece of paper you have and squeeze it untill you make a ball,
it doesn't have to be a perfect ball, it should just be round enough to roll.

This will be the ball's basis and the tape is going to wrap it.

If you want you can make a basis out of anything, a small ball or a piece of fabric.
Just make sure that the basis is in a ball's shape.

Step 2: Wrap the Ball With Tape

Now, take the ball's basis you made and start wrapping tape around it.
make sure to cover the entier ball to make it even and round.
Keep doing this untill you finished the roll or if it's a big enouge ball for you.

If you're using a lot of tape it may get kind of boring...
I used to do that that during classes or watching TV.

Step 3: Repet Step 2

You can now use as many roll of tape as you want, just keep wrapping the ball with tape.

you can stop wrapping the tape whenever you want and you're done, and you can resume any time and make the ball bigger.

Step 4: Play With It!

That's it! you now have a ball made out of tape. I hope you'll enjoy it, even if it's not really for playing.

Just be carfull on your head!
the ball can get pretty heavy if it's big enouge.

I'd recommend playing soccer with it, or just toss it around.
Defenitly don't try playing basketball with it, it wouldn't bounce.