Introduction: A Better Steel Wool Holder

A common problem in the kitchen is gunk and grime collecting around your steel wool. In this instructable I will be showing you a cost-effective way of rectifying these problems

Step 1: Materials/Tools

There a are few materials needed for this, just three in fact. They are:
•Two cable ties
•Some cutters or scissors
•A powerful neodymium magnet (Strong enough to hold your Steel wool)

Step 2: Building the Holder (1)

To begin building the holder all you need to do it simply loop one of the cable ties through the hole in the magnet, but do not tighten - just leave it loose

Step 3: Building the Holder (2)

•For the next step, insert the second cable tie through the loop in the first cable tie (as seen in the first picture for this step)
•Next, hold either end of the unsecured cable tie and bring it around your tap or whatever your securing the holder to, make sure the magnet is in your desired position as it is what you will be securing the steel wool to (second picture of this step)

Step 4: Building the Holder (3)

•Next, tighten the open cable tie a tiny bit so it stays in place by itself (first picture of this step)
•Then, slowly begin to tighten the cable ties, alternating between the two whiles also checking the magnet is still where you want it to be (second picture of this step)

Step 5: Building the Holder (last)

Once the cable ties have been tightened all the way (or as much as you need) you can cut off the excess with some cutters or scissors. (First and second picture of this step)

Step 6: End

Voilà, your new magnet steel wool holder is complete. Leave a like if this has been useful for you. Thanks for viewing this instructable!