Introduction: A Book Art Frame

Items you will need:

1 Old hard bound book

1 Pencil

1 Piece of paper

1 Canvas board

1 Tape measure

1 Bottle of wood glue

1 Glue Gun and glue

1 Utility knife or Box cutter

1 Piece of wood the highth of your book, I used a 1 ¼ inch by ½ inch by 36 inches

1 Saw (hand or eclectic)

1 Pair of safety gloves

1 Pair of Safety glasses

Step 1: Gather All Material.

It is wise to begin the project with everything you are going to use. This prevents errors and makes life a little simpler.

Step 2: Safety First.

Put on safety gloves and glasses.

Step 3: Removing the Pages From the Book.

To begin, I found it easier to place the book vertical with one of the covers slight open then to cut along the inside of the seam where it attaches to the book. Remember to cut down and away from you.

Step 4: Measuring the Frame.

Measure the inside of the cover a noting the distance on the paper.

Step 5: Cutting the Wood.

On the wood use the pencil to mark out the distance noted on the paper. Remember the rule, measure twice, cut once. Cut two (2) piece of wood for the top and the bottom or the shorter sides. These pieces should be the same length. When cutting the longer piece, remember to subtract the width of the two smaller pieces. The longer piece will fit inside the two shorter ones.

Step 6: Gluing the Frame.

Place wood glue on the wood and attach them together.

Step 7: Cutting the Canvas.

While the glue is drying, it’s time to cut the canvas. I used canvas boards for easy cutting. Measure the inside of the frame to find the size needed for the canvas board. Then cut canvas board to size.

Step 8: Attaching the Canvas.

Using the hot glue gun, attach the canvas to the inside back cover of the book, leaving room for the wood frame to fit along the edge.

Step 9: Framing.

Stilling using the hot glue gun, attach the wood frame around the canvas board on the edge of the book.

Step 10: Attaching the Spine.

Use the glue gun to add a small amount of glue to attach the spine to the wood frame.

Step 11: Finished

Congratulation you know have a neat book frame for any art project you wish to do. Thank you.