A Bowl From Recycled Chair Slats

Introduction: A Bowl From Recycled Chair Slats

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It's lockdown time again in NZ fortunately only for a week, but didn't have any time to buy in supplies for some projects so I have to use what I have around.
This bowl is made from slats rescued from a broken garden chair found in a skip


Wooden slats
Wood glue
Sand paper
Olive oil
Band saw

Step 1: Prepare the Blank

I had wood from an old garden chair
Possibly teak, more likely kwila but a nice tropical hardwood, too nice to go to landfill
So I sanded them and cut to size

Step 2: Glue Up the Blank

I left the rounded sides as I wanted voids in the bowl

Step 3: Cut the Blank and Screwed on Backplate

I used my band saw to cut the blank roughly to shape

Step 4: Turn the Outside

I turned the outside shape that I wanted and sanded smooth

Step 5: Turned the Inside, Cut Off From Backplate

Once I had turned and sanded the inside I cleaned out all the void areas with a small drill bit

Step 6: Turn Around in Lathe

I cut a sacrificial piece of plywood which I glue to the base with a piece of paper in between to make separation easier (I was told this about 50 years ago at school) means there are no screw holes in the wood
Then remounted it in the lathe

Step 7: Finish Coat

I haven't decided on a use yet so coated with a food safe oil (olive oil) to bring out the wood colours

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