A Buckeye Luau! (No Clams Were Harmed in This Clambake.)




Introduction: A Buckeye Luau! (No Clams Were Harmed in This Clambake.)

Hello there! Every once in a while we pull down the old clam steamer, and use it to cook up a party favorite. Basically, a bunch of grub is steamed, and served, together. A couple of nice things about this method are, #1 the preparation is quick and easy. #2 You spend your time socializing, instead of cooking!

We use a clam steamer, the burner from a turkey fryer, and an old graniteware roaster.

I also purchased a pack of 3 disposable veggie screens that are meant to be used on top of a grill. They were cut in a circle to fit into the clam steamer. The screens keep the various layers of foods from compacting into a solid mass. This allows the steam to flow freely throughout the entire container.

In this batch we cooked:
Kielbasa, cut into 3 inch sections.
Bratwurst, cut in half
Boneless-skinless chicken breast, cut into 3 inch pieces.
Baby carrots.
Red potatoes.
A cabbage, cut into 2 inch slices.
An onion, cut into inch thick slices.
A head of broccoli, cut up, as it should be.
6 cans of beer.
A carton of beef broth.
Fresh ground black pepper.
4 cups of water.

Step 1: Add the Meat

First The large scraps from the veggie screens were arraigned in the bottom of the steamer in order to keep the steam-drainage holes open. Then I placed all of the meats into the bottom of the steamer.

Step 2: Potatoes

A mesh veggie screen was place onto the meats and topped with the red potatoes.

Step 3: Carrots & Onions

Another screen was placed on top of the potatoes, and the onions and carrots were added.

Step 4: Cabbage & Broccoli

The last screen separated the onions and carrots from the top layer containg the cabbage and broccoli.

Step 5: Broth

A carton of beef broth was added to the layers of food.

Step 6: Beer

Six cans of beer were poured over the contents

Step 7: Pepper & Water

Finally, fresh ground black pepper and 4 cups of water were added.

Step 8: Lets Get Cookin!

The lid is then placed on the steamer, and it is heated by the propane turkey fryer on a very low setting. I allowed the meal to cook for 60 minutes from the time that the steam reached to the top of the food.

Step 9: Serve It Up!

The old graniteware roaster served double duty. It was used to hold the ingredients as they were being prepared. It was then washed, and used to serve the meal once the steaming was completed. It is handy to be able to close a single lid on the entire meal, this keeps the food warm as friends and family help themselves.

The only thing I will do differently next time, I will add the broccoli at about the 40 minute mark. It was a little overcooked for my taste, but there were no complaints!


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    10 years ago on Introduction

    OH GREAT ... *throws hands up in exasperation* .. now I have to go buy a clam steamer and a turkey fryer burner. :D