One of the reasons why vinyl fans are so crazy of their records: the album covers. Large, touchable, ... and (sometimes) beautiful examples. Why would you have to classify them hidden in your rack ? To do this: a simple cardboard frame to hang your favorite case on the wall (or additional: as a stand to put somewhere) . The nice thing about it , it's made out of the cardboard from the shipping.

Step 1: The Things You Need to Make It:

a pencil

a protractor triangle

a knife bar

a knife

and of course the vinyl that you ordered online and delivered at last!

(additional: some glue and paper tape)

Step 2: Very Important!

First and foremost! Pull out the record from the packaging, as well as the cut piece of cardboard for support (if there is any, it should...). Try to disfigure the packing as little as possible during opening. Now, before we go any further, it might be an idea to spin the vinyl on the turntable and enjoying the music to continue...

Step 3: The Opening

It's simple ... the bigger the gap, the more you see of the album cover! Of course it can not be bigger than your record. Normally the size of LP's are 31.5 x 31.5 (with exceptions...). I chose a reasonable margin: 29cm. So sign in the middle of the cardboard, on the side without the lock, the square and cut it out as clean as possible. Don't throw it away; you will need it later.

Step 4: Level Up the Bottom.

Because the sleeve of the record would not be positioned totally down, we place two pieces of cardboard in the slot. The width is about one cm, so I have cut out two small strips (9mm) from the square obtained in the previous step, and put them flat on the bottom. There is some result already! And it's about time to play the other side of the record, not?

Step 5: The Hanging System

Open the package (and remove the record if you tested it already). On the closing flap, draw a line, 3cm parallel with the end. On that line, mark two symmetric points and cut out two triangles from those points to the end of the flap. Close it, mark the cut outs on the back of the box (and the end line of the flap) and cut these also out. No you can easily hang it on the wall with two nails, screws,... by sliding it over.

Step 6: A Stand Instead Off Hanging

if you go for the standing position, or as both, draw on the rest of the first cut-square a line equidistant to the measure from bottom frame to closure (here 25.5 cm). 2.5cm below this line you draw a second. The first line you cut. On the second line you draw from the middle two angles of 65 °. One of those lines you cut, the other you fold . Glue the piece obtained in the frame so that the two bottom sides are equal (see photo). There is your stand! Besides, you see the piece of tape over the cut , it's just to fix the stand when it is used hanging.

Step 7: Remarks...

When you put the the album in the frame, place also the piece of cardboard back who was in the shipping to support the vinyl. If necessary, place a second piece behind the album so that it fits nicely against the frame.

I like the cardboard look... perhaps you don't. No problem, pimp your box as you wish (paint it, glue it, light it, ...)

It would be nice if you don't need to cut anymore... the shipping package should be like that... just an idea...

Be careful, make sure you do not hurt your vinyl! Be sure your suspension and in standing position: fix the bracket so it can not fully unfold (with tape or something).

anyways, enjoy your music and enjoy your view!

thanx for reading!

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    7 years ago

    props for the OM LP got aswell :-)


    7 years ago

    gotta try this and OM is awesome!