Introduction: A Cheap Way to Make and Reuse Fire Cracker

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Just need a bicycle valve, a nail, a match. We've got a fire_cracker.

Step 1: Cut Short a Nail to Get a Flat End.

Find a nail to fit the valve hole. Use grinder or something to cut it.

Step 2: Remove the Core in Middle of Valve

Using small Plier to cut it.

Step 3: Put a Match Into Valve Hole.

Maybe, compress it gently with a done-cut-nail. To seal the gap between body of valve and match powder.

Step 4: As the Image Above.

Use nail, attach it in.

Step 5: Compress to Make Explosion.

Use gravity or a heavy object, something make a huge force on top of the nail.

Step 6: Modification.

You could learn from this to make blank bullet , even for real gun -> fire cracker gun, making a long line of it, like Chinese Fire Cracker Sequence. Drop hundreds of it by using drone (Arduno => randomness dropping), like a bomber airplane.I learned and played it from a friend of mind in middle school. I don't know this invention from whose. Don't see anyone show thing like this in here. So i do it. It's a saving and fun.

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