A Christmas Ornament

Introduction: A Christmas Ornament

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Make sure you read your equipment manuals and use all safety gear recommended

This is a Christmas Ornament I made using a small hobby lathe and a piece of 2X2 scrap wood. It's very easy to make and this was the first time I used a lathe. I also used some small cutting tools. The bell is just under two inches long. I finished the bell with Min wax light oak stain and a gloss lacquer.

  1. Begin by selecting your wood, I used a small piece of pine
  2. Secure the wood in your lathe, following the manufacturers instructions
  3. Be sure you know how to handle your cutting tools and wear approved safety equipment
  4. Watch videos on wood turning, learn to turn safely
  5. Now your ready to try something
  6. Slowly carve the wood with your cutting tools, again following your manufacturers instructions
  7. Stop the lathe occasionally to look at the shape of your project especially when learning
  8. Have fun with a new and interesting experience

Step 1: A Christmas Bell

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