Introduction: A Complete Survival Kit (at Least 4 Days)

this will tell you what you need for a apocalypse.

Step 1: Food

Its as simple as packing as many canned food items as possible if this isn't an option then raid a neighbor that has abandoned their house for food or a gas station (as far from populated areas as possible).

Step 2: Blades

blade #1 your first blade should be a buck knife or something along that line, this will be for hunting (skinning).

blade #2 a building blade should be your second blade. for this I use a machete with a saw on the backside. this will be used to chop down trees and build a camp. another good tool for this would be a hatchet (an axe is a bit too large to carry in my opinion.

blade #3 your third blade should be a weapon of defence I use a sword. you will use this on predatory animals or possibly human hostiles.

Step 3: Water Filter

water may be the hardest part, sure there is water everywhere but how much of it is clean?

to clean your water take a 2 l. pop bottle (empty) and take off the bottom (not the spout).

take some charcoal and smash it into, well as small as you can. now take a bandana and shove it into the spout.

now there should be a pop bottle with a bandana in the spout.

put about 2-3 inches of charcoal (smashed) on to the bandana. when dirty water is poured through the charcoal then the bandana it will be clean.

now just boil it and you are good to go.

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