Introduction: A Cute Place to Store Your Things

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(Disclaimer: I know you're supposed to use origami paper but I didn't have any close by so I just used regular colored paper)

Heyy I'm Cheli_xx and I am a 10th grade engineering student at the Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders(I know, mouthful right?) But anyways I'm doing a project and I had to make an instructable on something I knew how to do well. So I was thinking to myself "Hmm I'm not really good any at anything" but then I remembered that I could make a little origami box, so I did. Here it is guys. I'm going to teach y'all how to make an origami box.

Step 1: Get 2 Sheets of Origami Paper

So you need to get not one but two sheets of origami paper, because you want to make the lid right? Of course you do, it wouldn't be a box without it. Also it doesn't matter the color. It's whatever you prefer

Step 2: (Optional) Cut Your Piece of Paper Into a Square

Take a corner from the shortest side of the paper and fold it towards the long side of the paper. It should look like the picture.

When you're done folding, cut off the excess paper at the bottom

(When folding make sure that the edges are lined up perfectly!!)

Step 3: Fold Your Paper Into Squares

Fold your paper in half vertically and then fold in half horizontally

Step 4: Fold the Corners Toward the Center

Step 5: Fold in Half Horizontally

Fold in half horizontally with the corners inside

Step 6: Fold Sides Towards the Middle

Step 7: Pull Two Corners Out From the Center

It should look like the last picture above

Step 8: Push the Corners In

This is where it kind of gets complicated. You are going to push a certain side in and it will create a crease and it should look like the last picture. You are going to repeat in for the other corner you pulled out

Step 9: Push the Flaps Into the Box

You are now complete with the bottom part of the box

Step 10: Repeat Step #3 and #4

Step 11: Fold Horizontally

The lid of the box of course has to be bigger so it can cover the bottom. So when you're done folding horizontally you're going to fold the sides in but leave a little space in the middle. Look at the picture above for an example

Step 12: Repeat Step #7 and #8

Step 13: This Is What the Lid Should Like When You're Done

Step 14: You're Done!!

Hey you did it!! Congrats! Now you have a cute little place to store your things. Have fun don't do too wild! :))