A Packing Tape Hack: How to Remove Pet Hair and Lint the Cheap Way




Introduction: A Packing Tape Hack: How to Remove Pet Hair and Lint the Cheap Way

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I have been pets since i was a little kid and i like them all. The only problem is that these often have lots of hair. Now I have a cat and if you like to wear dark clothes like me, then you know probaly the problem. Sometimes you look like a bear with all that pet hair on your clothes. :D

There are some solutions in the form of different lint rollers offered, but either it was in the long run too expensive or they did not work properly after a while. Since I pack many packages, there is always a roll packing tape around and one day I came up with the idea to remove the hair with this tape.

Since this works so well and is cheaper than a special lint roller, I would like to share this idea with you. Maybe it helps one before an important date. ;)

Step 1: Tools and Parts


1x Clothing with hairs and lint (a cat could help you here ^^)


1x Roll of packing tape

I would suggest not to use this silver duct tape, as this can sometimes leave adhesive residues, which are hard to remove.

Very normal packing tape works here the best. There are sometimes special offers and you can get some rolls in one package.

Step 2: Prepare the Roll

Draw a piece of the tape so that it fits around the roll slightly more than once, but do not cut it off.

Now wrap it upside down again on the roll and press the end on the adhesive surface. The adhesive surface should go around completely.

Step 3: Using Your Diy Lint Roller

Now put your hand in the opening of the roll and push it rolling back and forth. With the other hand, you can hold the piece a little bit. All hair and lint should now stick to the roll.

When you are done or the roll is no longer sticking, you can pull the piece off and discard it. If necessary, make another sticky roll.

Step 4: Extra Tip

Sometimes you just want to treat a small area. Then you can also tear a little tape from the roll and wrap it not too tightly around your fingers. Move your hand back and forth and let the tape slide over your fingers.

This works almost as well as the other method and consumes less tape.

Step 5: Finish !

Now you should got hair and lint free clothes, very cheap and with your own lint roller. ;D

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    Yes. With long haired cats, I do this on a regular basis. And it works great.


    Reply 4 years ago

    For larger pieces like blankets etc., i use an old exhaust-dryer. Works very well too. :)


    4 years ago

    that shirt is cool man. :)


    Reply 4 years ago

    Thanks. :D