Introduction: A Few Tricks About Making Slayer Exciter


I was working on this schematics and I learned a few trick that you can do to incrase the power of the Slayer Exciter.

It is expected that you know the basics of the Slayer Exciter or you made one and you want to improve it.


Im not responsible if you hurt yourself or anyone around you.

Step 1: Adding the Capacitor.

(I know that my circuit is a bit messy, but I am working on organizating it.)

This original schematics doesn't have a capacitor.

If you add a large capacitor you can highly incrase the power of the SSTC. (Solid State Tesla Coil or Slayer Exciter).

But respect the voltage. Be sure that capacitor can recieve 9 volts or more.

I added 16 volts 3300μF electrolytic capacitor.

If you want to further improve it's ability to "clean up" the DC coming into the circuit, you can add additional, smaller film / MKP capacitors in parelell to other capacitor. With values like 0.47uF, 0.1uF, 10nF, and 10pF.

Step 2: Resistor

As you can see in my schematic, I added 100k ohms resistor and two LEDs.

That's because my transistor burns if I put a resistor lower than 100k ohms.

You can experiment with different resistors or you can put a 100k potentiometer.

Step 3: The Battery

I found that any other battery except Duracell and Energizer doesn't work well.

Be sure to try one of these and see the difference.

Step 4: Final Result

Also, neatness affects performance, be sure to make shorter connections than I made.

And you can experiment with top loads, toroidal or round.

As you can see on the images it can power up 18 watt fluorescent tube. It can also power up 25 watt CFL. I haven't tried anything higher than that. :P

I hope you enjoyed my Instructable.

Let me know in the comments bellow if I helped you or if you need more help.