Introduction: A Guide to Making Wonderful Ice Cream From Any Delicious Yogurt You Choose

As a kid, I used to turn delicious yogurts into wonderful ice creams. With the help of this guide you can make ice cream from any yogurt you choose :)

Step 1: Choose a Favorite Yogurt and Spoon

Choose your favorite yogurt and find a suitable spoon to use as an ice cream stick.

Step 2: Place the Spoon Perpendicular to the Yogurt

The spoon should be placed vertically to the yogurt so that in the pull-out position the spoon will be in the center.

Step 3: Place the Yogurt Inside the Freezer

After discounting, wait about 8 hours for the yogurt to freeze

Step 4: Taking Out the Ice Cream

After waiting, gently remove the ice cream by turning the spoon right and left until the ice cream is smooth.

Enjoy the ice-cream :)