Introduction: A MILK CARTON TOP RING!!

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I saw this in a magazine
and I just had to make it an
instructable!! well, I hope that you
like it!!

Step 1: Get Your Supplies!

You should get supplies that are CLEAN and usable.

You need the little peel off cap under the twist off cap
of a milk carton(CLEANED),a SHARPIE(permanent marker) and 1
hand or finger to put the ring on.

Step 2: DECORATE!!!

Next you will need your imagination.
Think up of a design that would be cool
or it could be a small doodle!
I drew a zig-zag.It would also be cool if you
could simulate a ring by drawing a gem!

Step 3: Next Apply on HAND!!

I think that this ring could be a
index or thumb ring!!!!!!!!!!!
If you like it on your middle
finger that is cool too!