A Magnificent Rechargeable Flash Light With Bluetooth Speakers and Charging Cell Phones




Introduction: A Magnificent Rechargeable Flash Light With Bluetooth Speakers and Charging Cell Phones

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Hi friends, In this instructable, I am reporting about a rechargeable flash light equipped with Bluetooth speakers and charging USB female for cell phone charging, so it is multi faceted device which is good for camping and walking in parks or mountaineering, it can be used for emergencies as well, in cases of earthquake when someone is stocked in a place without light and electricity.

Step 1: Materials and Components

Sometime ago I made a power bank by inserting three 3.8 V laptop batteries in a 20 cm PVC pipe with diameter of 5 cm and putting a rocker switch to turn it on and off, for my projects, this power bank produced 11.9 V and was very suitable for my hobby electronics projects, recently I decided to use this power bank as flash light the reason is to see how can I merge three features, flashlight, Bluetooth speakers and charging cell phone all in one, so as you can see in the first photo this power pack could be seen, as you can see I have used two pieces of electrical duct to place the laptop batteries in it so that it gets fixed inside the PVC pipe and do not move and also for the ease of maintenance, you can slide the battery block out and troubleshoot it if it will be needed. So this part was already made by me nearly two or three months ago, the lower cap was just fitted for recharging these batteries and not for a USB female so I changed it to another cap which is orange color while the first one was a milk bottle door with green color. Therefore the materials and components are as follows:

1- PVC pipe with 5 cm diameter ............ 20 cm

2- 3 LED strips each 4 cm long

3- A cap with 5 cm diameter

4- charging jack for batteries

5- Two USB females (I used a USB hub which was not working and cannibalized its USBs!)

6- Two speakers each 8 Ohm 1 W

7- A cream container transparent cap

8- A container of capsules

9- A Bluetooth dongle BT163 with all its accessories

10 - A 7805 regulator IC

11- A female audio jack

12 - A small piece of perforated board (2 cm*2 cm)

13- Two rocker switches

14- One PAM8403 :


15- Three laptop batteries each 3.8 V

16- Two terminals

Step 2: Tools

The tools are simple and are as follows:

1- Small dc drill with all its cutting and sanding heads

2- Solder 20 W

3- Super glue (liquid glue)

4- Scissors

5- PVC glue

6- Small hack saw

Step 3: How to Make

Actually making this flash light is a pretty easy and it could be done according to following steps:

1- Cutting three pieces of 5630 LED stripes and soldering short wires to each of them

2- Cutting a piece of Plastic sheet with the diameter of 7 cm and after fitting the strips on that and marking the holes to pass the wires making three holes on that.

3- attaching the stripes to the round sheet with the super glue and attaching the transparent piece of round shape on the top of that to make something shown in the figure.

4- Cutting a hole on the empty cream container cap to fit the above made piece and gluing all together

5- Making the Bluetooth part is a little bit harder and starts with soldering a 7805 IC to the small perfboard, then a terminal to the input pin and common and another terminal to output pin and common was soldered you can see it in fig.

6- Now take the PAM8403 and solder its terminals as follows:


- Left speaker + wire should be soldered to the + mark of left speaker on the PAM board

- Right speaker + wire should be soldered to the + mark of Right speaker on the PAM board

- Two wires should be soldered to 5 V terminals of PAM board and the other sides of them to 5 V terminals of the perfboard

- An audio jack should be soldered to L, G, R of the PAM board

- A female USB should be taken and two wires should be soldered to + and - pins of that, and these two wires should be connected to 5 V of the perfboard terminals( so two wires should be connected to + and two wires to - terminals)

- The Bluetooth should be connected to audio jack and female USB

- The Bluetooth circuit should be inserted in to the container and speakers should be put in appropriate place(holes were already made on two sides of the empty cream container)

7- Connect the positive and negative wires of the power bank for lighting(which is equipped with a rocker switch), and another positive and negative wires which again equipped with another rocker switch to the relevant terminals of the above mentioned small perfboard(input to 7805 regulator)

8- The last part is soldering a another female USB directly to the positive and negative poles of the battery block for charging the cell phone and attaching the female USB and charging jack to end cap by superglue and gluing the cap to the PVC pipe with PVC glue.

Step 4: Comparing This Flash Light With My Previous Flash Light

You can see this one is much bigger (because of power bank) and the switches are put on the back of the flash light, because it is safer to switch the light on when the light is not toward your face( A design correction!)

Hope you like this project, and thank you for your kind attention

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