Introduction: A Nice Looking Light Guide Made With Hot Glue

I tied a LED to the GPIO of my Raspberry Pi Zero (don't forget the resistor !) to monitor the state of a program.

Obviously I wanted the LED to be visible, but I also wanted to keep using the box to prevent dust to come to the PI board. But I didn't want an ugly LED to pop out of the nice slim official box.

So I decided to build a very simple light guide to fit inside the camera hole...

Step 1: Drilling and Taping

Drill a hole if you dont' have one already (I couldn't rephrase !), and put some tape on the exterior side of the device.

I used standard cellotape, I didn't try other type of tapes, using a different type of tape could create a different surface finish. I was thinking of trying medical micro-perforated tape. Please tell me about the results if you try !

Step 2: Put Some Glue

From the inside, now put some glue all over the taped hole using a hot glue gun.

Once you are done, blow on the glue to cool it fast.

Step 3: Remove the Tape

Once you are sure that the glue cooled down, remove the tape from the ouside.

You are done !

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