Introduction: A Noisy Alarm Clock

I am a 13 years student in Taiwan.I make things with Arduino for the first time if you can tell me how to improve this work ,please leave comments for me so that I can make the better one.(thanks)

This clock can wake you up when you take a nap, but I must warn you not to use it in schools, companies or shops, because everyone will stare at you and you will feel embarrassed.

At first, I thought this alarm clock was really noisy, but now I am not sure it will wake up others. In fact, I designed many traps to wake people up. However, when I made this clock, I got a lot of troubles. Therefore, I decided to make a simple version. I think the first version is better than the second version, but I can only make a simple version. I will tell you how it works. First, the buzzer will sound for a few seconds. Secondly, "Alarm Clock!" will be displayed on the screen, and the LED will light up. There is a button on the face of the clock, you only need to press it to turn off the lights.


LED lights :4


LCD screen:1


Arduino Leonardo:1


Dupont Line:a lot

Jumper wire:a lot


Step 1: Connect Your Circuit

Connect the LED lights (four), buzzer, LCD screen, buttons, Arduino Leonardo board, breadboard with DuPont wire, jumper wires . Remember, don't connect GND and VCC wrongly, or your circuit board will be damaged.

That is the most important part.

Step 2: Write Program

This is the most difficult part during making clock. I know that writing program is a hard thing for the beginner so I recommend you to use ArduBlock to write the program. I will put my program in and you have to download and open it with ArduBlock.

Also,you can turn my program into whatever you want and you can design your own program .

Step 3: Make the Shape of the Clock and Decorate

You can make your shape with carton,3D print or wood. I think making this clock is free so you can make you own shape.Next,you can decorate it if you are lazy(like me),you just put some beautiful paper on it .The last thing I need to tell you is do not put the wire outside because your works will be ugly.I think all of you guys are creative,so just do a better clock and put it on Instructables(show us how you do it).