A Pack-A-Punched PS3!

Introduction: A Pack-A-Punched PS3!

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Before I get further into details I would like to thank Sreyo because he inspired me to make a Pack-A-Punched Playstation 3. Check out his channel.So what is it? well of Course everyone knows what it is cause I just said it. it is a PACK-A-PUNCHED PLAYSTATION 3! this little machine can me all of your games come to life no matter what TV or Games you have! This little machine will kick ass no matter what game you put in. If you are a true Call Of Duty Zombies Fan you got to have one of these.

Step 1: Tools

-Sliver Sharpe Marker
-Time(20-25 minutes)

A video has been posted on Youtube check out the channel PizzaMaker1450 for more details!

Step 2: What Is It?

I had the idea and I decided that I would make that idea come to life. I took my ps3 I had and made it look like it came out of the Pack-A-Punch machine from Call Of Duty Zombies. so I drew all over it with a silver sharpe and made the sketch look like it just came out from the Pack-A-Punch! A plain old PS3 that looks bad ass!

Step 3:

Step 4:

Step 5:

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