Introduction: A Pizza Portrait With Pastel Color

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it is favourite to all..yummy to eat..i wish i could make pizza bt i Don't have all the ingredients in this i thought what about a portrait..then according to my imagination i draw this pizza! its a beef pizza😋


well as it is a pastel color portrait so i need
1. pastel colors as my main supplies.then i need
4.sign pens
5.tissue(for mixing the colora)

Step 1:

first get a white offset paper.the draw the structure of the pizzs..i drew the pizza kinda oval and add a half oval as its bun..

Step 2:

then color the bun..i used Brown pastel color for the bun.i add lightly the color then mix it with tissue paper. as the result the color became smoot.. then i add the out line with dark Brown will make the pizza more attractive.

Step 3:

the following step is for coloring the middle side. for the shade i used tree type of pastel color..first raw sienna color for the out line..then i add a color lighter then raw sienna color and it was yellow ocher..then i added lemon yellow color,lighter than yellow ocher..then mix the colors perfectly with tissue paper..

Step 4:

time to add some Sauce..i used pastel vermillion color for the sauce..

Step 5:

the i draw some capsicums and color them..i used 3 types of green color to color the capsicum

Step 6:

time to add some more toppings..i added black olives red chillies..i color the olives with black sign pen.

Step 7:

the added onions and beef slices.. also added red tomatos

Step 8:

and just added some finishing..for detailing i used white color.then the simple pastel pizza portrait is ready😍

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