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Introduction: A Powerful Rechargeable Flashlight

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Hi co - intructable friends... in my previous instructable, I explained a cheap and powerful flashlight, but later I thought it was better to make one rechargeable and while I was keeping it and crossing a dark street I realized adding a red flashing light would help you to be recognized by passing cars so I added this feature to it, I explain the steps as follows:

Step 1 : Materials

Step 2 : Tools

Step 3: How to make

Step 4 : Conclusion and Remarks

Step 1: Materials

The materials needed for this flash light are as follows:

1 - An empty cream container

2 - A piece of PVC pipe which is 5 inches long and with the diameter of 1.5 inches.

3 - Two COB 5 W LEDs, one white color and the other yellow color.

4 - Three small switches, one sliding three state switch i.e. on - off - on, the two others two state on - off

5- Two rechargeable 9 V batteries

6- Two pieces of 9v Clip on Type Battery Snap Connector Lead Wire Plastic Head

8- A circle made of aluminum, the diameter of that should be equal to the internal diameter of cream container in my case 2.5 inches and can be bought as heat sink from electronic component shops.

9 - Five red LEDs (it could be more say 10)

10 - One Charging socket

11- 4 inches of of electrical duct with 0.6 inch width but without its cover

12 - One IC 555 (timer)

13 - Resistors: two 1K , one 470 K

14 - Capacitors: One 1 uF

15 -A project board or perforated board 2 inches by 1.2 inches

17 - Pieces of single core wires

18 - Small screws

19 - A cap, in my case I used a Vitamin C container cover suitable for capping PVC pipe.

20 - Electrical tape

Step 2: Tools

The tools needed for this project are as follows:

1- A Soldering Iron
2 - A drill

3 - A cutter

Step 3: How to Make

The steps for making this flashlight is as follows:

1 - Providing an empty cream container then a piece of PVC pipe and then you should cut the hole for three switches on the pipe one switch is for charging batteries the second for switching on the flashlight and the third for switching on the red blinking LEDs.

2 - After making the above said holes paint the pipe in to your suitable color in my case white to match my cream container which was white with a green ring, then after letting it to be dried up, put it on the sides of the container and use a marker pen to draw a circle and try to cut the circle on the body of the container which is difficult part because the thickness of the plastic container is a bit high and cutter should strong to cut it, you should be very cautious when you use the cutter not to harm your hands ,you could use a hot nail to make holes on the container or use your drill to make holes on the marked circle as is shown in the figure.

3 - Use a small length of electrical duct as battery holder and glue it inside the pipe and fix it there.

4 - Insert the pipe inside the cream container and glue them together the batteries will be inserted in to their place from the bottom of pipe.

5 - Because the COB 5 W LEDs should work with 18 V potential difference so two rechargeable 9V batteries should be connected in series.

6 - Then, first mark the small holes for wires and screws of COB 5 W LEDs on the aluminum circular plate and then make suitable holes on it and attach to this plate and make wire connection to these two LEDs, they should be connected parallel to receive 18 V each.

7 - In this stage you should connect all components as shown in the circuit diagram and insert switches in to their relevant openings on the pipe.

8 - Connect the DC charging jack to a cap ( I used a cap of a Vitamin c container which was fit t the pipe!) and plug the cap to the flashlight bottom.

9 - Use the diagram of blinking LEDs and hook up the wires as shown in that diagram on a small perforated board and solder the components on that board except you should make 5 holes on the cream container as you like and connect them as shown in the photos and connect the positive and negative poles to the board.

Step 4: Conclusion and Remarks

Now you can use this powerful flashlight for any job including climbing and walking in forests. Instead of incorporating a blinking flashlight you can insert a Bluetooth speakers and listen to music while walking or other new ideas.

Thank you for your attention.

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