Introduction: A Summer Centerpiece With Silk Flowers

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This is an inexpensive Centerpiece Idea For A Garden Party, Summer Luncheon or Bridal Shower

I was going to visit a friend one evening and much to my delight, right alongside to where I parked, was a pile of free stuff. I found a few treasures, because after all, you know what “they” say about one man’s trash and another man’s treasure. Yup, so true. One of my finds was the wire hat form that you see below. What a groovy centerpiece for a summer party or bridal shower this will make, thought I. Gussied up of course.

Step 1:

The wire hot form was black but the paint had seen better days. It was half covered in ratty old silk flowers and faded ribbon so off they came. For this summery, breezy project I decided to lighten the chapeau up. I’m on a furniture transforming kick these days and this cheery blue was left over from a side table I painted. I like to use every drop of paint I buy – no waste around here.

List of Ingredients:
wire hat form

silk flowers – use whatever type, size & colors catch your fancy

butterflies & dragonfly


floral wire

hot glue

Step 2:

This hat form will be decorated in many ways throughout the years. For the first go round I decided to use silk flowers and butterflies. Silks are great because the project can be made up days, weeks or months in advance giving you time to relax a bit as the event approaches. I didn’t want to hot glue the ingredients directly on the hat form so I cut three pieces of ribbon which I pinched and wired to different parts of the hat. I then glued the pretties onto the ribbon.

I pulled the flower heads off the stems & glued a leaf to the back of each one. as you can see, some of the leaves & flowers fell into the glitter pot .

These butterflies & the dragonfly were actually snipped apart from garlands.

Step 3:

After the party is over, you can hang this piece on the wall. It will look good for years to come if you keep it out of direct sun and give it a dust every now and then. I’ve done lots of crafting posts (most with videos) and you can check out a sampling of them by clicking on this page. If succulents are your thing, then you’ll find lots of projects to do them right here. Be sure to come back next week because you’ll see this very hat form decorated with air plants, wacky sea sticks and shells.

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