Introduction: A Tail From a Robot Planet.

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I designed and started making these robot toys, shortly after learning we were expecting our first child. Now I make one for each new baby in our network. (usually given at the shower) This project will help you use up some of that scrap wood that's laying around (I make them from dunage, the low grade oak, maple, poplar, walnut and many others used to protect semi trailers and heavy loads from each other (this wood is regularly discarded at construction sites, just ask and they usually let you have it.) I make them in batches this allows me to use stock of different sizes for the small blocks and big blocks.

Thanks Alexis The (above) video is fantastic.

The bots helped with this build (they love the table saw)

With the bots I wrote a story to help explain why some bots were made from different blocks then I started making all the bots from many different woods (as available) and also created a 3D printable option.

PDF story and STL files below.

I am not responsible for your safety; Use your PPE. (picture 1)


you might need (I used)

  • Scrap wood of suitable amount.
  • Way to cut the wood to size. (table saw)
  • Drill and drill bits. (5/16" or 3/8" and some spade bits for eyes)
  • Sanding tools (sandpaper)
  • Cotton sash rope 1/4".
  • optional tape (for making rope ends smooth for threading holes)
  • optional 3D printer (for printing plastic options of the parts)

Step 1: Prepare Blocks, Dont Forget to Smile While You Work.

  1. Use your saw to cut your big block stock to 2" cubes. Two per bot you plan to make.
  2. Use your saw to cut your small block stock to 1" cubes. Four per bot you plan to make.(The robots did this overnight)
  3. Set your blade to 15 degrees and cut a smile about a 1/4" from one face of the head block.
  4. Set your blade to 45 degrees and adjust your fence so as to break the edges and do so on all the blocks.

Step 2: Drill the Eyes Out, and Other Holes.

  1. Using a 5/16" or 3/8" drill bit and drill; drill a hole threw each small block. (picture 1)
  2. Mark head rope holes centered and about 5/8 from the edges of the block. (picture 2,3,4,5)
  3. Use 3/4" and 1/2" spade bits to create eyes (try different sizes for different effect) (picture 5,6)
  4. Drilling the bots body is hard to describe so watch the video

  5. Before tying give all the blocks a little sanding. (printed parts melt if aggressively sanded (and don't really need sanded unless something went wrong) )

Step 3: The Birth of a Robot.

If you didn't finish the video hear is a quick how to tie the robot all together.

  1. Go back and watch the video to the end. OR....
  2. Tape the end of the 1/4" sash cord. (picture 3)
  3. Tie a knot in the untapped end of the cord.
  4. String the cord threw a small block.
  5. Up the leg hole threw to the neck.
  6. Up threw the bottom of the head so that the face is forward with the feet holes.
  7. Pull extra cord threw the top of the head.
  8. Reverse steps 7 threw 4; threw the other side of the body.
  9. Tie a knot after the foot block so that there is enough cord to create legs and neck as desired.
  10. cut off extra cord.
  11. Tie knot in untapped end and string the cord threw a small bock.
  12. Pass the cord threw the arm hole in the body.
  13. string cord threw another small bock.
  14. Tie off the cord providing enough cord for arms.

Congrats to you and your Robot friend.

Optional treading a thin wire threw the ropes core can make a poseable robot. (sorry for no picture of poseable bot the wire used in picture 4 was much to stiff and was removed)

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