Introduction: A Ticket for 2 Places to Go (Paper Trick)

This is a really neat trick that my daughter Sierra showed to me this morning and I thought it was really neat and wanted to share it with you all. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did. Sorry for the crappy pics. I took them in a hurry with my camera phone.

For this, you will need the following:

(1) Piece of paper (Plain copy paper works best)
(1) Pair of Scissors (If you don't have Scissors, you can simply tear it but cutting yields nicer results)
(1) Short Story (Included Later)

Step 1: Preparation

The prepping is kinda like making a paper airplane:

Place 1 sheet of paper in front of you laying vertical.  (pic 1)

Now fold the bottom right corner up to the left side and make it as flush as you can.  (pic 2). 

Still Laying the same way, now fold the bottom point up to the right side, also making it flush. (pic 3)

You will end up with a sort of upside down looking house.

Turn the house right side up (point on top)(pic 4)

Now, Fold the "house" in half from left to right. (pic 5) (This is how you will hold your "Ticket" While telling the story)

Your now done with the preparation!

Step 2: Story

Ok. Now this is the story that you will tell to your people while holding the "ticket". Some people Fold it while telling it and others make it, then the the story holding the ticket. Either way, make sure when your ready for the "ticket" you are holding it the correct way (step 1) or it will not work!!


A Christian and a Sinner was walking together one day talking about life. The Christian told the Sinner, "You do know there is only 2 places you can go to when you die don't you?"  The Sinner said " I don't believe that at all!" The Christian said "I'm serious! and I have a ticket right here!" The Sinner said "Oh WOW! Can i have a piece of your ticket?" So the Christian cut him off a piece of his ticket and gave it to him. The Sinner said " I don't think that's enough.. Can I have some more?" So the Christian cut him off another piece and gave it to him. When they unfolded the Tickets, They were Amazed at what they saw!

Now, for Demo purposes, i included a pic of how each cut should be. Mine has lines but yours will not. The cuts do not have to be perfect or any certain width but about an inch or so is about perfect for each cut. Cut 1 is the line farthest to the right side cut 2 is the next line to the left.  All you do is holding your "TICKET" and telling the story,  When you say he cut him a piece of his ticket, make cut 1 and lay it in a pile. When you say he cut another piece,  make cut 2 and put it in the pile as well. try to make your cuts straight as you can.  You will end up with 1 big piece Similar to what you started with and a pile of smaller pieces.

Now, when you say they unfolded them, unfold them all. The big piece is 1 ticket to somewhere and the other pieces you will have to arrange to make the other ticket. i will show you that in the next step.

Step 3: The End

If you Done it all CORRECTLY, The Christian Will have a ticket of a CROSS and the Sinner will have a ticket to HELL!  I hope you all enjoyed this as much as I did. I'd like to make a special THANK YOU to my daughter SIERRA for showing us this Awesome Paper Trick!