A Very Cheap Disinfectant Mist Sprayer

Introduction: A Very Cheap Disinfectant Mist Sprayer

COVID 19! this pandemic has drastically changed our lives...

We now all have to be very responsible in protecting ourselves in order to keep our love ones safe..

I made this mist sprayer and install it on our entrance so every time that someone goes out and comeback home we can disinfect ourselves just before entering our home, this can also be used on things we wear like the mask and face shields. And since we are more likely to order things online now more than ever, we have to disinfect

everything that we are going to bring inside our home... Visitors should also be sprayed too...

I decided to make one for a friend and her family and that one was the one recorded since the first one was not documented (that's why they looked different)...



Air Pump for Inflatables https://www.amazon.com/LotFancy-Portable-Air-Pump-...

local link: https://www.lazada.com.ph/products/authentic-ster...

some PVC Pipe 1/2 and 3/4 inch in diameter

1/2 PVC end cap

3/4 inch T PVC coupling/fittings

nylon zip ties

empty plastic alcohol bottle

silicone tubing( I used an aquarium air pump tubing )


cotton buds

tapes (mine is an electrical and masking tape)

electrical wire

heat shrink tubings

Step 1: TOOLS:

measuring tape

blade cutter

PVC cutter or hack saw

center puncher(optional)

philips screw driver

glue gun and sticks

heat gun(optional if you dont have a 45 degree PVC elbow coupling like i do)

wire stripper(optional cutter blade wors too)

soldering iron and solder wire

drill and drill bits (2.5 mm, 3mmand 4mm grinding stone)

some rags or paper.

Step 2: Preparing the Inflator

unscrew and open the motor cover and drill two hole where you are going to mount it on a piece of 6.5cm long 3/3 inch PVC pipe.

cut a 6.5cm long 3/4inch pvc pipe and make mark at 1cm and 4.5 cm from one end.

drill on those marks on both sides.

grab nylon zip ties and bind them together..

put some hot glue for extra grip.

Step 3: Preparing the Alcohol Container...

Get an empty alcohol plastic bottle, put a tape in the middle that you are going to mark where to drill holes.

Draw a line in the center from top to bottom and mark and drill 6 2.5mm and 1 4mm holes as shown in pic#2.

Peel the tape off.

Get 2 nylon zip ties and bend the end to a curve so you can easily get it through the holes and put a dab of hot glue to them to seal the holes and hold them still.

Insert the silicone tubing, (I used about a foot long) and put some hot glue too..

Step 4: Preparing the PVC Tubing Frame

cut 4 pieces of half inch long 3/4 diameter PVC pipe

insert one on top of a 3/4 tee and one on the perpendicular (90 degree) side

the other 2 would be zip tied to the alcohol bottle one of which will be drilled for locking mechanism.

cut 1/2 inch diameter PVC pipe with the same length of the alcohol bottle which will serve its mounting pipe, insert it to the perpendicular (90 degree) side ot the 3/4 coupling tee,

attach the alcohol bottle with nylon ties, flush cut the the end and hot glue it.

(this next step is optional as you can use a 90 and 45 degree elbow coupling which i dont have)

cut another 1 foot long 1/2 inch diameter PVC pipe.

insert rag or crumpled paper on one end and put tape to it, fill it with sand and then put rag on the other end and tape it too. soften it with heat gun(you can also use flame from stoves) then bend it to a 135 degree I used a right angle triangle ruler as guide, take the tapes and rags off and let the sand out, wash the pipe and let it dry.

put them altogether as shown in the 2nd to the last pic.

insert the syringe adaptor to the silicone hose, this will serve as container in filling and refilling of alcohol.

Step 5: Making the Nozzle for Air

get a 1/2 inch pvc end cap, drill with 2.5mm drill bit and finish it with the 5mm grindstone bit or you can use 5mm drill bit.

put them together

cut a half inch long 3/4 inc diameter pvc pipe which will serve as sleeve adapter for the half inch pvc pipe and the air output of the inflator.

mine is tight fitting but if its loose you can optionally drill holes and squeeze in some hot glue.

you can do this on other joints too.

Step 6: Making the Nozzle for Liquid

get cotton buds make sure that it is plastic and has hollow center and cut the end with cotton as square as you can.

insert it on the pre-drilled hole on the bottom part

put a dab of hot glue and set it as perpendicular as it can be to the air nozzle with about 3-5 mm distance.

Step 7: (Re)wiring the Motor

desolder the stock wiring from the motor and tin the motor contact points

get some wire and wire stripper

strip the wire on bot ends, tin the copper wires and put heat shrinking tubes,

solder the pre-tinned (pre-tinning will lessen the overheating of the motor contact points as it is embeded on plastic that might melt when subjected to prolong soldering) wire to the pre-tinned motor contact points. slide the heat shrinking tube to cover the exposed connection and apply some heat(soldering iron or lighter)

solder the other end to the stock wiring, slide the heat shrinking tube to cover the exposed connection and apply heat as well... (observe polarity)

place the switch and its power connector to its corresponding place.

the power connector has still some space so we can hot glue the wire on it.

mount and screw on the wall and insert the power plug on.

Step 8: Making Mounting Pipe

cut a foot long or less 3/4 diameter PVC pipe and insert it on the bottom part of 3/4 coupling tee...

i just drilled 2 holes on it so it can be screwed to the wall...

Step 9: My First Version

this is the first version i did prior to this documented one.

i want to make an automated one too but my order(Cycle Timer Delay Switch Circuit) did not make it...


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