Introduction: A (Very Crude) Bobbin/Spool Winder

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Following with the mantra "Need a tool, Build a Tool" i continue this week building. I needed a spool winder so i built my own.Check out how I did it.

Step 1: Gather Materials and Tools


Scavenged from old Sewing Machine.

Motor Controller
Shaft/Pulley and Bearing assembly
12"x12" Plywood Board

Tools :

Tape Measure
Drill with Screw Driver Bit
1/2" spade Bit

Step 2: Make the Base

We need to use the 1/2" (or appropriate size for your bearing assembly) spade bit and drill out the hole on the 2"x12" Plywood board. Now take your bearing assembly an pressure fit it should look like in the picture. Now take the base board (12"x12") and attach it with some glue. For added strength add 2 screws.

Step 3: Shaft and Motor

Now take the shaft and add it to the bearing assembly and attach the pulley. For some added safety add some glue to the shaft threads. Now take the Motor and align it with the shaft and pulley. Screw it down and attach the belt. Should look something like in the picture.

Step 4: Motor Controller


We are going to be dealing with MAINS HIGH VOLTAGE. Do not proceed with this step if you have no electrical experience. Get help from some one who has dealt with MAINS VOLTAGE... Get an ADULT to help you.

The sewing machine motor controller has a 3 pin connector. With the Left outer pin labeled as 1, Middle 2 and Outer Right as 3. The motor uses pins 1 and 3. this is where our motor needs to be connected. So now connect/splice the motor into these pins and we are done.

Step 5: Finished

Now we are finished and can add our bobbins/spools to wind our wires with. Hope this was use-full. Any question or tips i would be glad to hear them.

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