Introduction: A Worbench Light With a Convenient Shelf

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We needed better lighting for our workbench in our hobby room, oh well it did need a good cleaning too :P

We didn't want to put up wall mounted lights, nor lights that hung from the ceiling either since the bench has wheels and quite often is moved around the room.

In the picture of the cluttered table you can see the metal frame of the table, there I will build two boxes that will be slid over the metal frame to support the board with the LED stripe on.

Step 1: Materials


Board, any kind of board will do, we used oriented strand board.
Wooden studs
Paint, we used wall paint for the boards and acrylic paint for the decorations.
LED stripe
Hot glue


Circular saw
Soldering station
Paintbrush, paint roller
Hot glue gun, low heat

First off measure and cut your boards.

Step 2: Paint, Paint, Paint and Some More Paint :P

I painted all the boards whit white wall paint and then decorated the side that is usually towards the centre of the room with some metallic acrylic paint. The support beams (wooden studs) was also painted.

Step 3: Led Stripe

I got some LED stripe from and since it came uncut (10 meters was used for this project) I had to cut it, solder connectors to some wire and pushed the connector in place.

Then I stapled the LED stripe to the board, I didn't use a staple gun since I didn't want to damage the LED stripe, hence I took some pliers and took some staples apart and nailed it in to the board by hand.

Last but not least I checked the connections and behold it glowed :P

Step 4: Putting It All Together.

Since one of the sides of the boxes I build broke I painted the new one after I had assembled it.

I put glue on the support beams (wooden studs) put the board with the LED stripe on it and screwed it in place. The support beams is there since it's 2 meters long and without any kind support it could bend or perhaps even brake.

After everything was assembled and the top board was nailed to the support frames I hot glued all connections of the LED stripe for extra protection, I also nailed all connection wires to the board also for extra protection.

The build turned out really well and it also it a really good light table for our product photographs :)

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