Introduction: A Cardboard End-table to Save Your Space!

Want an end-table, just beside your bed or couch to keep all your things? Why not make an end-table yourself that too with the things which you already possess? This will surely save your space as well as your hard earned money! This instructable will tell you, how you can make your end-table with an ordinary corrugated cardboard box which will be quite durable as well as good looking.

Step 1: Gather the Things You'll Need

The things which you'll need will be found easily in your home. You need-

  • A corrugated cardboard box, of the perfect size you want your end-table to be of. A box that is neither too big nor too small.
  • A long piece of fabric, of any colour and pattern, you can even reuse old mattresses. Here I've used my old sofa covers!
  • An end-table cover. You can use any fabric piece if you don't have one. Be careful of the colours which you choose!
  • And some ball pins. I've used the ones with small heads.
  • And some of your stuff which you would like to store. It can be valuables, old but precious books, or maybe some things that you need but you won't be using them for some years.

Step 2: Filling the Box!

This is the step which I like the most! You can make the box a time capsule, store your valuables, and even hide things from people by storing them in the box. No one would ever find out that there are things filled in your end-table.

Many people generally like to keep things instead of throwing them. Things like this generally eat up your space. You can easily save space by putting things like this in the box.

Step 3: Covering the Box

You have to cover the box only laterally, not including the top and the bottom. Your piece of fabric might get heavily damaged if you cover the bottom.

  • Start with the front face of the box.
  • If the width of the fabric is too much, you can either fold it or cover the top as well.
  • Start with centre of the fabric and pin it on the corners.
  • Cover rest of the sides of the box in the same manner.

I used my old sofa cover for covering the box, and it had a length of 3 metres and a breadth of 1 metre. Well you can cover the box with any length of fabric.

End-tables and generally placed connecting to the wall or the beds, so its fine if any one side is left uncovered. In my case, I left the backside uncovered cause I didn't have a longer piece of fabric. But if you have more fabric left over you can cover the whole box except the bottom.

Big creases form at the bottom edges of the box after covering it fabric. To remove these fold the creases from the underneath and pin an the corners.

Step 4: Finishing

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