Introduction: A Home Built Training Potty.

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My son has a toddler cousin, Zyra, that fully matches him in destructive ability.  If they weren't so sweet about it I think we'd give them to gypsies.

At almost 2 1/2 years old she is getting to the potty training stage.  Except there is no training potty here.  So she would have to go straight to the full sized toilet on her instructional voyages.  Not good.

Yesterday, sweet Zyra announced something in (Filipino) baby talk and then pee'ed herself (so it ran down her leg onto the floor of my house).  It's not a BIG deal as the floor is concrete (pretty standard in the Philippines) but I wanted her to have something better.

And of course, I wanted my son, almost 1 1/2 years old now, to have a positive example so he will be easily potty trained himself...

Step 1: Solution to Be

So I decided to make a potty for her from scrap wood I have laying around behind the daddy crib (my tool corral used to be my sons playpen).

I brought out some likely pieces and my layout tools to the back  porch after I had primered the baby bus bench and got Zyra's father to help.

I didn't even sketch this out as I had a pretty good idea what I was going to make.

Step 2: Cutting Wood

The toddler cousin of the apocalypse is posing atop the workbench/ dining table.

As you can see some of the parts are  now sized out and/ or notched to fit.

Step 3: Making the Seat.

We laid the piece of wood we had chosen for the "top" of the potty UPSIDE DOWN.  And then placed the assembled sides on it UPSIDE DOWN so we could mark up the seat bottom for how it fits.

Then we laid out the "poop hole" by using a random can of the right diameter.  We made TWO circles "down the poop hole center line" and then connected them to get an approximate oval.  The centers of the two holes were only an inch or so apart.

Then we drilled a decent sized "starting hole" for the jig saw blade.  Then Zyra's father cut out the "poop hole."

I'm sure there is probably an official term instead of "poop hole," but you should get the idea...

Step 4: Test Fitting of the Completed Potty.

The carpentry is done.  The painting  isn't, but it's structurally complete.

Step 5: The First Real Test.

I put the unit on the ground and asked Zyra (the more biddble of the cousins of destruction) and then Arturo, to sit on it.

They liked it.  So much so that I might build another JUST so they can both have their "own."

Step 6: Slather on the Paint Primer

Since I have to paint the "Baby Bus Bench" tomorrow anyway, I told Zyras mother that I would paint the seat of the potty in any color I had out anyway. Because I'm a NICE guy, just not a REALLY NICE guy.

I ASSUMED that a potty should be sealed with paint VERY WELL, given the expected "stuff" that will get onto it.

Note that I made the potty rigid by driving three nails through the seat (into pre-drilled holes) into the sides.

And when I did that I failed to ask for help in keeping it perfectly square.  So it's a little skewed.

Toddlers don't care. I think it looks pretty good for something slapped together from random scraps and built  in an hour.

Step 7: The Throne Is Painted to Suit It's Occupant

So Ferdelinn decided that she wanted the potty her daughter was to be trained upon to be painted red!

I avoided saying anything and when the "baby bus bench" got painted (first coat) it got it's first coat at the same time.

April's brother Warren helped me at this stage.

Step 8: Test Drive

No actual "product" was involved in this stage.  But we wanted to see if the kids liked it.

Yes indeed.  I am hoping when I return (I am leaving in a week or so, for a few months in the USA for a change) that she is a graduate.  And my boy is on his way to a diaper free life (those things get expensive!).

It is going to be installed in the bathroom next to the full sized commode.  Zyra's MOTHER is  the one in charge of her  spawn's "output..."

And I trust "Moma" will teach little Zyra the correct way to sit on her throne.

Step 9: A Tiny Problem

The toddlers like Zyras training potty a LOT.  I assume because it is just right for them to move around and sit upon.

They got to squabbling over it, so I made Arturo (aka Daniel Arthur) his very own little stool.  Except MY sweet son isn't demonic, so his is painted green...

TJ, the 6 year old seen in my infamous Papaya & Chicken Soup 'ible, then asked when he'd get HIS baby stool.  I explained that 1) he isn't a baby and 2) he has the "baby bus bench" perfectly sized for his use.  I might slam one sized for him in the 6 days I have left before going back to America.

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