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A simple cute greenhouse:

Hi again, my third instructable is making a greenhouse, I have a small garden and I cannot make a permanent greenhouse, therefore I decided to make a temporary greenhouse and in summers just remove the cover and in winter cover it, because the greenhouse is made by very thin profiles used usually for making book shelves or other stores, when they are uncovered in summers there are not ugly looking columns and roof and even in summers they are cute and fanciful. In this case the area is 14 m^2 and consists of two attached parts one 10 m^2 and another 4 m^2 later made and attached to the first one. This greenhouse passed the test of cold seasons and during two past winters with a lot of wind and snow survived without a problem and made my lovely plants survive and in last two years I have not have death toll on my plants and they were all fresh and lively during cold season. In this summer I've decided to add a solar lighting to this green house to light it during nights and make a scenery kind effect which is really nice, so I have added this part and the relevant pics to explain more about the solar lighting.


- Angle profiles with holes as shown in photos (depends on the area of greenhouse) the distance between roof beams are 30 cm and the columns are 1 m apart, one side of the greenhouse is attached to the wall.

- Nuts and bolts

- Screws and roll plaque

- Wire for lighting

- A ceiling light

- A thermometer

- A hygrometer

- Enough plastic cover made of thick (200 µm) low density polyethylene (LDPE) with UV stabilizer

- A 12 Volt dry battery with 7.2 Ah capacity

- 4 Solar cells each 18 V and 90 mA and 2 W

- A 12 V solar charge controller IP68, 5A

- 3 pieces each 10 cm of LED flexible strips 5730, 12 V, IP65, 1M<=14.4 W

- Electrical duct 2 cm wide and 120 cm length.

- 2 Poly carbonate sheets each 30*35 cm and some more pieces with smaller dimensions

- 1 glass sheet 30*35 cm

- enough 22 AWG single core wire and 2 core 1 sqmm wire.


- Simple spanners

- Building stool

- Drill

- Soldering Iron
- Glue gun


- Attach horizontal beams to the wall

- Start from the first hole and attach roof frame partially

- Use columns to make a stable frame

- Continue to the last frame

- Tighten the bolts

- Wire the lighting unit

- The procedure for making the solar power lighting may be found in many instructables


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