Introduction: A Smart Watch Pleas Friend Vote Me

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This is my second project
plead ignore my grammar mistake pleas
friends vote me for contest

Step 1: You Need

you will need
1. Jumper wires
2. bread board
3. aurdino pro
4. oled screen
5. h60 Bluetooth
for make it

Step 2: How to Connect

take bread board
and insert bluethooth and screen in it
and make three main power rail header 3.3v and Gid .

Step 3: How to Connect

you can connect

Step 4: How to Connect Bluethooth With Aurdino

and for more see in figure

Step 5: Bread Board Is Complete

if your bread boar like it so your are on right way

Step 6: Just Code It and Download Retro Watch App

get code from
and download android retro watch app
cod e is completed

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