ABCD - 399

Introduction: ABCD - 399

Hello everyone, in this instructable you'll learn to build a diaper changer. Hope you all like it!

Step 1: Acquiring the Materials

Material requirements:

  • 2 x Wooden board (3ft x 4ft)
  • 1 x MDF Sheet (3ft x 4ft)
  • 30 x 3mm Bolt
  • 10 x Rivet
  • 3 x Hinge
  • 7 x Wooden plank (1ft x 0.1ft x 0.1ft)
  • 2 x Linear Rail
  • 1 x Bolt Cutter
  • 4 x Hollow metal pipes (radius: 1 cm)
  • 1 x Soldering Machine
  • 1 x Hot Glue Gun

Hardware Requirements:

  • 1 x Arduino
  • 1 x Ultrasonic Sensor
  • 15 x Male to Male wires
  • 15 x Male to Female wires
  • 15 x Female to Female wires

Software Requirements:

  • Arduino
  • Inkscape
  • MIT App Inventor v2

Other Requirements:

  • Access to Laser Cutting Machine
  • Access to Wood Cutting Machine

Step 2: Building the Base

On one of the wooden boards, hammer the wooden planks as shown in the figure

Step 3: Adding the Rails

Hammer the rails as shown

Step 4:

  • Cut two MDF sheets with dimensions 1ft x 2ft and 1ft x 0.2 ft
  • Attach these two sheets on the linear rails using hammer and bolts as shown

Step 5: Building Our Diaper Lifter

Using the MDF sheets, build two crosses pivoted at the intersection, as shown

Step 6: Building Our Diaper Lifter (part 2)

  • Add the MDF sheets to the existing models as shown
  • Using a bolt cutter, cut the extra portion of the bolts to make the model neater

Step 7: Building the Diaper Lifter (part 3)

Connect the two cross-like models created so far, using hollow metal tubes and either a hot glue gun or bolts

Step 8: Finishing the Base

Assemble all the components as shown

Step 9: Building the Upper Layer

  • Take the 3ft x 4ft wooden piece and cut it into three parts, first one of the dimensions 3ft x 1.5ft, the second one of the dimension 3ft x 0.5ft and the last one is whatever's left.
  • Take the first two pieces
  • In the smaller piece, laser cut a cavity in the centre of dimensions 2ft x 0.15ft.
  • Hinge the two pieces as shown, using a hinge joint and bolts

Step 10: Building the Upper Layer

  • Take the last piece from the previous step
  • Laser cut out a cavity on one of the edges of dimensions 0.2ft x 0.15ft
  • Align the pieces as shown

Step 11: Finishing Hardware Part

Now place the upper layer of the bed on top of the lower layer, and hammer it on the planks to finish our hardware part

Step 12: Integrating the Hardware and Software

Install the ultrasonic sensor, the dustbin and rotating wheel as shown

Make the Arduino connections as shown

Upload the Arduino code (click here for the code) on your laptop / PC

Install the App (built using MIT App Inventor) (Download aia file here)

And it's done!

Step 13: Thank You!

Hope you all liked the instructable! Thanks!

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