Introduction: ABCUR - Arduino Based Computer Usage Regulator

Remember that time when you were so absorbed in work on your computer that you completely lost track of time?

Remember that you had a headache and cramps by the time you got up?

Remember questioning yourself as to why you're suffering like this while diligently working?

This happened to me too. On multiple occasions. And so...

I finally decided that it was time to save my head.

Presenting: ABCUR! A device that periodically buzzes to let you know that you need to get up and stretch!

ABCUR = Arduino Based Computer Usage Regulator

The setup is extreeeeeeeeeemely simple and easy for newbie Arduino users to make.

Step 1: You Need:

  • Arduino Nano v3.0F/F
  • Jumper wires (1 black, 1 red)
  • 5v buzzer
  • USB to Mini USB cable / converter

And just to keep the wires in place, I used a spot or two of hot glue.

Step 2: How It Works:

The code:

void setup() // initialize the required pins


pinMode(2, OUTPUT); // Digital pin 2 is connected to the buzzer, so initialize it as OUTPUT


void loop() // the code continuously runs in this block


digitalWrite(2, LOW); // Keep the buzzer off at the beginning.


repeat: // This block causes the buzzer to buzz every half an hour

digitalWrite(2, LOW); // wait for 1797 seconds


digitalWrite(2, HIGH); // Buzz for 3 seconds delay(3000);

goto repeat; // run this block from 'repeat:'


Step 3: Hardware Assembly:

Once you've written the code and successfully uploaded it to the Arduino Nano, you'll need to connect the buzzer.

I would recommend connecting the jumpers, winding them around the board and securing the ends with a spot of hot glue. This way, it occupies minimum space and there aren't any loose wires dangling.

Alternatively you can connect the buzzer and Arduino on a solder-less breadboard (takes up a lot of space), or solder them on a vero-board (relatively smaller).

Lastly, connect the USB to Mini USB cable to the Mini USB port on the Arduino Nano.

Step 4: Plug It In!

Before you start your laptop/computer, plug ABCUR into a USB port. After that, continue with your work as usual.

Every half an hour, ABCUR will buzz, reminding you to take a break.

This will continue until the device is unplugged, or the computer is shutdown, thus saving you from recurrent headaches.

I hope this instructable helps keep headaches, back aches, burning eyes, cramped legs, etc. at bay.

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