ABOK 783 - Two Strand Footrope Knot




Introduction: ABOK 783 - Two Strand Footrope Knot

Thus is a very easy to tie knot. Suitable for zipper pulls, lanyards and key ring fobs.

Step 1:

Tie a overhand knot (crown knot) by bringing right hand end over and under left hand end

Step 2:

Below this tie another overhand knot (wall knot). Bring left hand end over two then bring right hand end over this end, under the loop and up through the bight

Step 3:

Tighten the knot slightly and bring the left hand end through the left bight as shown.

Step 4:

Then bring the right hand end through the right bight.

Grab the loop in one hand and the two ends in the other hand and pull in opposite directions to begin the tightening process. Pull on the 4 strands as they emerge from the knot to complete the tightening process

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    2 Discussions


    1 year ago

    Perhaps this would be more clear with a LOT more steps? or maybe some color coding?


    Reply 1 year ago

    I added a few photos to the process