Introduction: AHS Vinyl Sticker - on Adobe Illustrator

This Instructable will teach you how to create a vinyl sticker using Adobe Illustrator.

Step 1: New File

Go onto Illustrator and create a new file. (File>New...)

Step 2: Getting an Image

To get an image off of the internet all you need to do is find an image on google images and copy and paste it onto a new file in Illustrator.

Step 3: Trace the Image

Use "Image Trace" on the bottom of the top bar to trace the image. You can choose the way you want to trace your image from the pull down bar. (Keep in mind that each different color will be a different layer of vinyl)

Step 4: Expand

Use the Expand tool under the "Object" tab. Also ungroup the image under the "Object" tab again.

Step 5: Putting the Image Onto Graphtec Studio

Using a flash drive, go to File>Export and then save your image as a .DXF file (also called an AutoCAD Interchange File). Then Open up Graphtec Studio.

Step 6: Graphtec Studio

The first step once you are into Graphtec Studio is to open your image file. Once you have it open you can edit out what parts you do not want simply by clicking on them and hitting the delete key. Once you have it all cleaned out to what you want, you need to resize it to the size you will print it as. Once you have the size, make sure you have your media loaded and have chosen the right type of sheet (for us it was 3>Sheet). After that you can queue the cut job to make sure it will fit on the sheet you have and then click "Start Cutting". Wait for it to cut and you are all done!