What's Our Project??

1. This prototype consists of galileo board acting as both server and client, simultaneously. This model uses touch sensor as a door bell.

2. This signal is sent through internet to the other end .Hence, on receiving the data, the user is aware about the presence of a person on the other side.

3. So he/she can pass any message back to the board.i.e., door bell, which is displayed on the lcd screen to the visitor.

4 .The details i.e., visiting time are uploaded to the cloud, as well.

What's are our utilities?

1. All scripts i.e., touch sensor, I2C LCD interfacing, creating sockets and establishing data transfer is done is PYTHON.

2. A total of four PYTHON scripts run on two devices simultaneously.Project Break DownThis project can be split into two modules1. Intel Galileo Board:• The Linux Image on the SD card is accessed using the HyperTerminal Window Putty (for windows).• This miniature, powerful board is equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity.

Step 1: Requirements


• We have interfaced the Grove touch Sensor to socket A0 of the shield.

• The I2C LCD can be plugged to any one of the four I2C channels available.


• The python Script for reading signals from the touch Sensor and transmit to the COM through Wi-Fi.(Server), only when a touch is sensed.

Step 2: Python Script

Four Python scripts- 2 running on Intel Galileo and the other 2 running on the Windows PC, that makes up for the coding is given in the file code.txt


Step 3: Scope for Improvement

What's special??

 The interface on the user's end is made easy through GUI window pop ups for sending messages.

 The GUI for this purpose is all done using python.

 The scripts written are optimized, lesser lines of code.

How we can IMPROVE ?

1. Installing a camera, which recognizes the person, and transmit his/her details.

2. Security services can be added to this prototype

Step 4: