Introduction: ALL IN ONE GADGET BAND (Wearable)

Hi Everyone, Today I'm gonna teach you how to make your own ALL IN ONE GADGET Band.

Step 1: Materials Required

(1) Wrist bands- 2 nos.

(2) Butterfly clip (paper fastener) - 5nos.

(3) some gadgets like pendrive, bluetooth, memory card reader,memory card

(4) glue gun

Step 2:

take one of the band.

first attach all gadgets (except memory card ) to a butterfly clip using glue gun.

now add them to a band .

first add pandrive on front side and other gadget to either side of band.

Step 3:

now cut the other band into two parts.

now add one part of band on the pendrive

Step 4: Slot for Memory Card

remaining part of cutted band can be used for making slot for memory card.

first cut the band of appropriate size.

then Start sewing this part to the band from all three side.

Step 5: Your Band Is Ready

Step 6: Uses

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