Introduction: APCC DSLR Controller

About: I have a background in telecommunication and digital electronics and am very interested in computers and photography. I started to play with drones about 7 years ago.
Project info:

CPU Atmega 328P, Arduino
84x48 graphic LCD with backlight
IR & Wire photo camera trigger
2x Wire Flash Trigger
onboard light/sound sensor or 2x external sensor
2x digital IN/OUT
timelapes function
onboard RTC clock
onboard buzzer
opensurce, firmware upgragade

The APCC is a camera and a flash trigger.
It has sound and light sensor internally. It has time lapse function.
Can make high speed flash synchronization (~80% succes)

More pictures with my DSLR Controller
SCH, PCB on my web site APCC DIY, download section.
Arduino source code