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Hello, if you love led lights with music this is a great instructable for you.

Very easy.

Step 1: Material

Step 2: Circuit and Program

Step 3: Microphone Sensor

This is a cheap module, not the best but work fine.

A0: Analog pin

VCC: 3-24V( I use 5V, enought and secure)

GND: Ground

D0: Digital Output

Analog Output goes from 0 to 1023

Two leds on board, power and sensor.

Led Sensor: When the microphone capture sounds this LED light.

Step 4: Arduino Nano

Arduino Nano its a small and powerfull board.

0 to 12V(recommended input voltage)

Friendly board, easy to use.

Arduino is a perfect board to do this simple project by yourself.

It can handle the load of the LED strip but I recommend use always a transistor because you can burn the board.

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