ATMEGA168 TQFP32 Smd Programmer Shield

Introduction: ATMEGA168 TQFP32 Smd Programmer Shield

This shield I have made to program an ATMEGA168 with a TQFP32 package without soldering.

Step 1: Intro

With this shield you can program an atmega168 microcontroller (µC) with a TQPF32 package without soldering. Just lay the chip on the top of the board and fix it with the coverplate. So you can program the µC with an ISP-Programmer.

With this shield you can programm


and maybe other µC.

With the two jumpers you can select the external oscillator or the internal.

Step 2: Needed Parts and Components

What do I need to create this shield:

- Soldering iron
- PCB etching machine
- UV exposure unit
- Drilling machine
- scissers
- knife
- circular saw


- Double sided photoresist board
- 1mm cable for the via's
- Screws 3mm
- 8x round pvc spacer 7x5mm


- 2x 22pf Capacitors smd 1206
- 1KOhm Resistor smd 1206
- LED red smd 3528
- 16MHz Crystal smd
- 2x2 Pin male connector
- 2x3 Pin male connector
- 2 Jumpers

Step 3: Shematic and PCB

Be careful with the drilling the holse. The holes from the PCB and the plexiglas must be exactly similiar.
If they are not, than it will be a short-circuit and can be damage the µC.

Step 4: Plexiglas

To fixing the µC I used a plexiglas plate.

1. Cut the plate to 55x35mm.
2. Cuting out the template and fix it with some tapes
3. Drill the holes up to 4mm

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