Introduction: Abery

About: Denver based part time artist, full time mechanical designer and an Industrial Design student.

Abery is one of my unique creations. It's made out of moss blocks, wood branch, slate base, 48 LEDs and Czech crystals. I ended up using square base instead of rectangle by the time I finished this lamp. everything else if the same.

Step 1: Materials

You'll need:

1. Power supply

2. Power cord

3. Power switch

4. LEDs (kits that already have a power source are the best because you won't have to do any electrical calculations)

5. Low voltage wire

6. Wood branch

7. Moss blocks

8. Fishing line

9. Crystal beads

10. Clear glue

11. Screws

12. Varnish

13. Soldering iron, solder

14. Pliers, wire strippers

15. Slate base

Step 2: Slate Base Assembly.

I used a wet tile saw to cut my base out of a slate tile. Slate is sift and cuts so easy. After slate is cut, wash it wit soap and dry to remove any moisture. Dry fit it first to see if it lines up well. I used two part epoxy to glue it together with some masking tape holding it.

Step 3: Wiring

Wiring could be as simple or as tricky as you'd like. I'm documenting my own wiring. I used 8 x 6 LED array where I split each chain of 8 LEDs in half to have each half in each moss block. If one line of 8 goes out, only 4 LEDs in each moss block will go out keeping overall brightness the same in each half.

Step 4: LED Installation

I used a drill bit to drill through the moss block. 24 holes for LEDs and one large one for the branch. I glued some crystal beads on the fishing line prior to this step but forgot to take a picture. Clear glue was used to do it. I used Clear glue to fix in place my LEDs first and when it dried, I inserted fishing lines bead strings into the moss block and glued them in with same clear glue. I ran low voltage wires behing the branch.

Step 5: Slate Base Prep

When my slate base dried, I drilled a hole for the power wire on the side, one on the top for the screw that went into the branch and one on the top for the wires to go in. When all holes were drilled i used some varnish to seal the slate which gave it a very nice and dark look.

Step 6: Wood Branch Installation

I cut the branch to size, made sure that the bottom cut is perpendicular to the branch. Drilled a center hole for the screw that will attach is to the base through the slate tile. I varnished it and screwed to the base. Moss blocks were glued on at the end and wired were ran along the branches at the end.

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