Introduction: Abstract Drawing With Fiberglass Screen

About: I am an interdisciplinary artist.

These are instructions on how to make an abstract, geometric, relief Drawing With Fiberglass Screen. If you want to make a splash in the art world these days, you’d better turn away from the art store and classic art materials and be creative. You can make an alternative drawing by following the simple steps and just by employing fiberglass screen strips and a heat press.

Step 1: Assemble


-Charcoal Fiberglass Screen roll

-Rotary cutter or scissor

- for cutting the strips of screen

- 2 sheets of A4 cardboard

-cutting mat -digital heat press

-A wooden frame for installing and hanging your relief drawing

Step 2: Cutting and Shaping

Cut the screen to 2 inches- wide strips by using a rotary cutter or a scissor.

Notice: Never use the Iron ruler while using the rotary cutter and just use a plastic ruler for your safety.

A rotary cutter should always be used with a cutting mat designed specifically for rotary cutting. The mat protects the cutting surface and keeps the material( especially fabric) from shifting while it's being cut.

Form the strips by folding and make your own geometric, abstract pattern that looks interesting to you.

Islamic geometric patterns or Chinese tangrams could be an inspiring pattern that you can find online.

Step 3: Press and Frame

To finalize you design drawing, using the heat press. Turn on the press and adjust the settings for temperature and time depending on the type of material and transfer paper you are pressing, In this case, 345 degrees and 20 seconds per sheet. Make sure not to press more that this time that might lead to melting the material.

Open the heat press, you design is attached your cardboard and it looks like a unique abstract, geometric, relief drawing which is eye-catching. You can frame your drawing and express it as your contemporary art practice.