Introduction: Scissor Lamp Designed Using Fusion 360

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This project was a lot of fun from start to finish. I have never used fusion 360 before so the learning curve was steep. I wanted to test my self and make something that moves and fusion 360 was so cool to see how it would work before I even cut one piece of wood.

Like i said before first time using 360 I have taken some CAD classes at the local university. so dont judge me to hard on the finished 360.... i couldn't get the base plate to move the way i wanted so i took it out of the finished project. so enough jaw jacking lets get to the build!!!


Lumber required is minimal i used scraps i had in the scrap heap to build this

I used threaded rod with lock nuts for the swing arm

I used 1 wing nut on the threaded rod to attach the lamp shade to the accordion arm

1 lamp kit

6 screws

1 6 inch 1/4 inch bolt

1 2 inch x 1/4 inch bolt

spray lacquer



lamp rod

Step 1: Cut Sticks

I call the Accordion things sticks So from this point forward the thingies are sticks

I set some parameters on my fusion 360 drawing and call the thickness wood.

using Parameters is probably the single biggest thing I like most about Fusion 360

I change the design once i check my wood pile and seen I didnt have enough wood for a 12 in stick but I did for have one for 8 inch sticks. so if you set the stick as a parameter it can easily be change. same with the thickness

  1. cut 10 pieces wood to size 3/4x1/2x8" this will give you all 6 sticks plus the 2 halfs and pieces for the lamp mount.

Step 2: Drill Holes

  1. Drill 1/4 on the ends
  2. drill 3/8 in the middle this will allow the wire a place to go.
  3. not shown in the picture I had to cut 2 of the stick off just above the middle hole this will be the 2 end pieces.
  4. round the edges with a disc sander

Step 3: Problems.... Problem Solved!!!

With any project you will have issues that you will have to figure out I make plenty so here is one. I made the sliders to small and they where not tough enough.

The way I solved this is to triple up the wood and make it tough. Then cut it down to size

Step 4: Build the Accordion

I started off by making the center attachment first.

  1. use the grinder to cut the lamp pipe to 1.5 inches
  2. use super glue/locktite to ensure the nuts stay on.

Step 5: Back Plate and Slider Holders

I am sure there is more technical names for these items but for this instructable we will be using my special terms..

  1. 5x16 piece of oak/wood of choose,put a nice edge on it with a Palm router
  2. put an edge on the Rod holders. Its much easier to put the edge on a longer piece so rout it then put it on the miter saw to cut it to size.
  3. Use1/4 bolts and cut the heads off with the grinder
  4. drill a hole on each side offsetting it by 1/2 inch since that is the space when the accordion sticks are put together.

Step 6: Paint the Brass

All I could find is brass color so I grinded it down, put super glue on the nuts to hopefully hold them in place and then added some black paint.

Step 7: Prep for Assembly

If you look at the picture of the material I originally bought you will see 10-32 screws and acorn nuts. I switch mid way and used 1/4 inch rod and lock nuts.

  1. drilled the pilot holes for the slider blocks and then counter sink them to make it sit flat on the wall.
  2. add dado on the back in the middle the depth of 1/4 inch or so for the power cord
  3. drilled a 3/8 hole throught the center of the board this will allow the wire to run down and still allow the lamp to sit flush on the wall

Step 8: Lamp Shade

construction of the Lamp shade from oak is as follows.

  1. I cut thin strips of oak
  2. make dados in the thicker oak the same width as the thin oak
  3. drilled a 3/8 inch hole in the center top piece and connected it to the shade with glue and brads.
  4. cut a 6 inch piece of oak and drill a 3/8 inch hole on the end and screw the lamp pipe into both pieces of wood.

to attach the lamp shade to the accordion arm, drilled a 1/4 inch hole on the opposite side of the 3/8 hole and attached it with the a long threaded rod with lock nut on one side and a wing nut on the other to make it easy to adjust the direction of the light.

Step 9: Finishing

Time to finish this off.

I used the same router bit to add decorative edges

  1. add finish of your choose and add paste wax to the 1/4 inch bolts

Step 10: Wire It Up

So i wasn't able to fin the color I wanted but one installed I am starting to light it.
  1. buy lamp kit
  2. install through the holes
  3. plug it in
  4. and enjoy

Step 11: Mount

Drilled a hole at the top and bottom this will need to be attach to a stud or used really strong anchors. I am really please with the look of this and using fusion 360 has got me thinking of all kinds of projects so give me a follow and vote for me on the indoor light contest.

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